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Gaming for Scandinavia

Scandinavian design is uniquely minimalistic, integrating the use of a few core material types and coupling them with soft simple geometric forms. This balancing act makes Scandinavian design effortlessly beautiful and timeless. 

But could this same style of design be applied to Gaming? This project focuses on creating gaming mice and peripherals inspired by a Scandinavian market.

Nordic Inspired Gaming Ref.png

Scandinavian Inspired

My primary references were Scandinavian style Furniture and Lighting Design. I gave special attention to the materials used as well as the creative use of surface texturing and color contrasting. After considering these styles and how they would best fit with Gaming, I began pursuing concepts which fit the following criteria.


Sleek or Refined Form: The shape of the mouse should be simple without being plain. Clean edges (if any) and smooth defined curves. The fewer material breaks, the better.

Functionality When Needed: These concepts would not have an abundance of programmable buttons. Instead, they would only have the functionality necessary for competitive gameplay.

One Texture: Concepts would only contain one texture to prevent visual and tactile clutter. Textures would be geometrically simple while also being easily scaleable.

Metallic Detailing: Any significant "color pop" would use a metallic coloration (gold, silver, rose gold, copper) to emphasize brilliance and quality.

Nordic Inspired Gaming Mice2.png
Nordic Inspired Gaming Mice3.png

Scandinavian Audio

Nordic Inspired Gaming Mice1.png

After considering gaming mice, I decided to take the exercise further by creating concepts for Headphones. These concepts used many of the same inspirations, however I explored more uses of light colored wood as well as metallic piping.

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