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The World of


I have always been a person who becomes entranced in imagination. And ever since I was young I have created entire imaginary worlds; within which mythical monsters and dramatic heroes adventure to discover long lost treasures. These inspirations have culminated in the world of Val. A strange world stuck technologically between medieval and colonial. Where dragons are feather beasts in the North and true magic is rare; only achievable by gifted women. Geography, economy, might, and politics rule this world. However magic, what little of it there is, may be just enough to throw everything into true chaos.


The world of Val is one which is wedged between mystery and madness. On either side of the Dawn Ocean there are civilizations which strive for power, ranging between the brutally barbarian and the dangerously industrious. This region stretches between the planets equator and northern reaches. The Western nations are incredibly diverse but is largely controlled by the Golden Knot; a council of allied nations who seek peace as well as their own prosperity. In the East, one civilization reigns supreme. The Tralien Empire, once a dominant force across all of Val, now holds only a fraction of their once unimaginable strength. They struggle to establish allies in Burr and Phuun in the hopes of retaking the known world.

The World According to


Originally created by the greek scholar Hecaræus in 500b.c., this world map is considered to be one of the oldest world maps ever created. It has a unique view of the world, displaying the known lands in an almost perfectly circular arrangement. I found this early map to be so interesting that I decided to update it to a modern graphical standard. 

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