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DYNAMO. Gaming for Gamers on the Go.

The DYNAMO portable gaming system is a concept device created for the purpose of showcasing my skills in design while also being a project of my own enjoyment.


The origin of the Dynamo concept began with inspiration from the recently released Nintendo Switch. The Switch has been a grand success for the Nintendo company for both it's innovative ability to 'switch' between a portable and home console. However I believe that it also speaks to the portable devices of recent memory. The Gameboy, NDS, and PSP of my childhood and teenaged years. Before the introduction of the all-in-one cellphone multimedia devices which have in fact created their own branch of games but don't really speak to the needs of the gamer. This gave me a new found nostalgia for the 'portable GAMING device'. A system with portable gaming in mind, and nothing else. 

And so, I found myself spiraling down the digital rabbit hole...



I was initially inspired by portable gaming systems of the recent past. I specifically emulated details of the Nintendo Switch and the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). To me, these systems embody all the positive aspects of a good portable gaming system. They are perfectly sized for the pocket and hand. Their styles are different but iconicity unique. They incorporate a mix of materials, textures, and colors which reflect the playfulness as well as the professional aspects of gaming.

I began my concept development thinking about the shape of the device. What would be the best shape to easily sit in the hand while also being sleek and compact? This also got me thinking of the eventual breakup of surface bodies and how those surfaces could be colored or textured to give the product a distinctly unique look and feel. 


After deciding on a shape and style, I began the process of 3D modeling the Dynamo. I was careful to recreate my concept within the size specs of my reference products. In the end, the Dynamo has a width and thickness which is perfectly balanced between the Switch and the PSP.  This was also the perfect opportunity to consider placement of other features including the on/off switch, charge port, volume control, and headphone jack.


My final result was the Dynamo Gaming System. The gaming system that won't slow you down. Be the dominant gamer wherever you are. In a digitally connected world, don't let anything stand in the way of your gaming. 

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